Mopinion: May Product Update - Cover

Product Update: Raspberry improvements and more

It’s time for another product update and we’ve got plenty to share with you this month! Despite the current crisis, our team has continuously worked hard to make valuable improvements to our platform. To kick off the month, we have various Mopinion Raspberry improvements, several cool new features and platform updates such as compliance with the same site cookie policy, and a series of new integrations.

Curious what’s new?

Mopinion Raspberry Updates

  • Automatic login to preferred UI environment
  • New billing overview page & package upgrade flow
  • New date / time selection based on user locales
  • Improved ‘Design’ section in form builder
  • Various bug fixes

Additional Platform Updates

  • Compliance with ‘Same Site’ cookie policy
  • New Pageview monitoring system

A series of new integrations

  • Contentsquare
  • Google Chat
  • Microsoft Teams
  • JIRA
  • Basecamp

Mopinion Raspberry Updates

As many of you are aware, the new Mopinion Raspberry interface was beta launched this past January. The new interface is still a work in progress, meaning there are still many improvements that we have made and plan to make in the coming months. Here are a few of the newest improvements:

Automatic login to your preferred UI environment

Previously we announced that users can switch back and forth between the Classic user interface and the Mopinion Raspberry interface. This is still possible, however, we are now saving the users’ preferred environment. This means that if you have manually switched to the Raspberry interface via the account menu, the next time you login, you will be automatically redirected to Raspberry.

Mopinion: Mopinion launches next generation user interface Mopinion Raspberry - Switch to Classic Zoom

New billing overview page & package upgrade flow

We have expanded upon the existing billing overview page and implemented this new version in the Raspberry interface. The billing overview now provides an overview of the user’s package limitations, any recent transactions and payment information. From this page, users can download their invoices, view transaction details, update card details, upgrade their package, and cancel or convert their account to a freemium.

Mopinion: June Product Update 2020 - Billing Packages Page

The package upgrade flow in particular makes the process of upgrading as hassle free as possible, giving users a much better overview of the differences between the packages during the upgrade process.

Mopinion: June Product Update 2020 - Upgrade page

New date / time selection based on user locales

Prior to this update, we were using US date localisation in the quick filters and calendars in Mopinion Raspberry. This date range selection, however, wasn’t necessarily useful for our global clientbase. This has been updated so that each user has the proper data localisation for data selection in Raspberry. For instance, when users select ‘Last week’ from the quick date filters, the proper date will be selected based on the user’s country’s date locale.

Improved ‘Design’ section in form builder

Users were previously experiencing issues with the design section in the Mopinion Raspberry form editor, i.e. scrambling of form themes, form display wasn’t accurate, etc. All of these issues have been resolved. We have also added several design options such as font customisation, page styling for the custom intro & thanks pages, divider styles and WCAG styling options.

Mopinion: June Product Update 2020 - WCAG

Various bug fixes and improvements

We’re working really hard to transition Raspberry from beta to an official release. As a result, we are regularly releasing various bug fixes and small improvements alongside the above, larger feature releases. This month we released a lot of smaller improvements. If any of these bugs impacted you and you reported it to us, you have already been notified. We’d like to extend a special thanks to these users for reporting said bugs.

Additional Platform Updates

Compliance with Google ‘SameSite’ cookie policy

Not too long ago, Google announced that they would be changing the way Google Chrome handles third-party cookies with the release of Chrome 80. However, since then Google has temporarily rolled back the changes due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Despite this, Mopinion has gone ahead and made the appropriate changes in order to be compliant with their ‘SameSite’ cookie policy. These changes will provide greater transparency and privacy to users.

Mopinion: Mopinion June Product Update 2020 - SameSite Cookies
Source: Heroku Blog

Currently, the Chrome SameSite cookie default is: “None,” which allows third-party cookies to track users across sites. But once this policy goes into effect, cookies will default into “SameSite=Lax,” which means cookies are only set when the domain in the URL of the browser matches the domain of the cookie — a first-party cookie.”

New pageview monitoring system

Mopinion has a stricter policy in place with regards to pageview monitoring (for website feedback). Whereas we previously monitored pageviews in our own logs, the introduction of this new system will alert users when they’ve exceeded their limit and send them a request to upgrade should they want to increase the number of pageviews.

A series of new integrations

We also have several new integrations that have been implemented this past month. Check them out below.

Mopinion & Contentsquare

Mopinion has a new and robust software integration with digital experience analytics platform Contentsquare. This powerful new alliance between session recording and customer feedback combines meaningful context from the customer journey with in-depth voice of the customer data, giving users a full view of the digital customer experience.

Mopinion and Contentsquare partner up to provide the ultimate digital experience insights - dashboard

With this new integration, users will gain access to:

  • Views of the journey before and after feedback
  • Session replays regarding specific feedback items
  • In-page behaviour lined up with high and low feedback scores

Once users analyse this data, they can effectively quantify visitor struggles and start taking meaningful actions to improve the digital experience and customer journey.

Want to learn more and set up this integration? Check out this post.

Mopinion & Google Chat

We’ve also just launched a new integration with the well-known messaging platform Google Chat. This new integration will enable digital teams to automatically push specific feedback items to groups in Google Chat, allowing for easy feedback distribution and improved collaboration.


Via chat rooms within Google Chat, these organisations can easily share and create system alerts for incoming feedback items all based on certain conditions if they should choose. For example, feedback items about website bugs can be forwarded to a chat room / channel for which the organisation’s web developers can subscribe.

Want to learn more and set up this integration? Check out this post.

Mopinion & Microsoft Teams

We have also launched a new webhook integration with group chat software Microsoft Teams. This integration is very similar to the Google Chat integration in that it also enables teams to push feedback to specific channels within Microsoft Teams. This gives organisations using this tool the opportunity to easily share and collaborate on resolving any issues that arise within feedback items.

Mopinion: Mopinion now integrates with Microsoft Teams - Feedback in MS Teams

Want to learn more and set up this integration? Check out this post.

Mopinion & JIRA

Mopinion has teamed up with widely used issue tracking tool Atlassian JIRA. This new integration combines digital customer insights with issue tracking and (agile) project management, making it easier for web and development teams to manage and resolve website and software issues.

Mopinion: Mopinion integrates with Atlassian’s issue tracking tool JIRA - Webhook Feedback

Although it was previously possible to connect to JIRA via Mopinion’s email alert system, custom integrations and third party tools such as Zapier, we now have a more ‘native’, feature-rich and fully interfaced approach to connect JIRA via Mopinion’s webhook module. This allows teams to automatically push user feedback directly to their JIRA backlog and ensures important feedback items such as bug reports and product suggestions are sent straight to JIRA in real-time and handled in an efficient and timely manner.

Want to learn more and set up this integration? Check out this post.

Mopinion & Basecamp

Lastly, Mopinion has also joined forces with popular collaboration app, Basecamp. This new webhook integration enables teams to achieve next-level digital feedback management through improved productivity in project management.

Mopnion: Mopinion integrates with collaboration app Basecamp -Grant access

Now you can push feedback items directly to your Basecamp 3 Projects and To-Do lists. Is your Basecamp environment broken down into teams? Then you can send relevant feedback to the right department for further action. For example, set up the webhook so that bug issues are sent to your web development team, textual improvements are sent to marketing and so on.

Want to learn more and set up this integration? Check out this post.

Suggestions or questions about the new updates?

Do you have ideas or suggestions on how we can improve our software to meet your needs? We are always open to new ideas! Feel free to send us an email.

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