Mopinion launches new

Mopinion launches new online feedback reporting platform

Mopinion is pleased to announce the launch of the new version of its customer feedback reporting software for websites and apps. The new platform now offers tools for self-service data discovery and users are able to build their own feedback forms in a flash.

As a digital marketer you can use Mopinion software to build and deploy your own feedback forms quickly, or import feedback data from other sources such as feedback collection tools you already have in place. Once feedback is flowing in, you can build your dashboards to visualise and analyse feedback from different sources, ensuring they can be designed and used to the bespoke requirements of any digital business.

Udesh Jadnanansing, Co-Founder/ Chief of Revenue of Mopinion commented

The new software platform has greater functionality, with more options than ever before and has been launched to meet the demands and requirements of a broader range of markets. As a market leading feedback software company we are expanding rapidly and have an ambitious corporate growth strategy, so it is essential that our products fully meet the needs of our customers to ensure we remain highly competitive.

Self-service feedback tools

The latest version of Mopinion’s software recognises the wider trends in marketing and digital channel management, as Udesh added, “We have seen a noticeable and important shift in the way digital marketers work over the past few years. There is a tangible demand for tools that digital marketers can manipulate and use directly themselves, creating ideal systems for their specific needs. If you look at the market, there has been a huge upsurge in the use of SaaS tools within the digital marketing landscape and we want to leverage this interest to remain a market leader.”


Build your own feedback forms and dashboards

Key to the upgrades in the new version of the software is the functionality for marketers to design and build their own feedback forms, fully controlling the way this interacts with their clients. Features to analyse and visualise the data to build your own real-time feedback reports are built in, including tools for text and sentiment analysis.

Udesh added:

“A lot of feedback tools these days focus on collecting feedback data, but lack capabilities to analyse the data and uncover real insights and root causes. Mopinion believes this is vital for any fast-moving and proactive online business, as it provides the ability to adapt and evolve with the market and specific customer needs.”

The new solution follows Mopinion’s securing of a fresh investment earlier this year from a group of investors led by Capital Mills. The growth capital has enabled Mopinion to accelerate the development of its technology and to roll it out further across European countries and the USA.


Collect and analyse feedback

Mopinion’s customer feedback software makes it much easier for companies to collect and analyse data from websites and mobile apps. The solution provides services to customers across the spectrum, from the high-end SME market to major national and international players such as Microsoft, BMW, TomTom and Interpolis.

Udesh concluded:

“This is an exciting stage for Mopinion and our customers as we demonstrate even greater flexibility in the systems we provide. As the digital landscape evolves, so must the way we look at online commerce, sales and customer retention. Mopinion is at the forefront of this drive to better utilise online systems and we look forward to unveiling further new and exciting solutions in the near future.”

About Mopinion

Mopinion is an innovative reporting platform for feedback from websites and apps. The company offers a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution for organisations to improve their websites and apps on the basis of feedback they receive from customers. The software enables organisations to gain real-time insight into how customers experience their digital channels and what actions they need to take to retain customers.

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