Top 10 User Feedback Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems available with nearly 75 million websites. What’s great about this open source software is that it offers well over 53,000 different plugins that gives users the opportunity to extend the functionality of their websites. These plugins can range anywhere from SEO tools and Landing pages to Social media integration and Caching tools. However, there are also several notable user feedback plugins that are great for kickstarting your customer feedback programme.

User feedback plugins are ideal for WordPress users who are looking to get feedback forms up and running on their website in a matter of seconds. The thing is, if you’ve ever searched for ‘user feedback’ in the plugin library, you’re probably well aware of the fact that almost 100 pages in search results come up – which to be honest – doesn’t necessarily make it easy when trying to choose one.

To help you out, we made a selection of the top 10 user feedback plugins for WordPress, which can all be found in the plugin library on the WordPress website.

Here they are…

1. Mopinion

Mopinion: Top 10 User Feedback Plugins for WordPress - Mopinion Feedback form

Mopinion is a free feedback form plugin which enables users to capture suggestions, bugs and compliments, and collect visual feedback (screenshots) on individual page elements. This is all possible when your visitor clicks on the feedback button that is visual on your website. The feedback form is completely customisable, meaning users can change or add feedback questions, add their own design or logo, choose their own language and set up triggers for actions such as exit intent.

Once feedback is collected, it will be immediately available on a personal Mopinion account that is created upon downloading the plugin. Alternatively, users can receive feedback alerts straight in their email inbox.

Learn more about the Mopinion plugin.

2. Surveys by Feedback Cat

Mopinion: Top 10 User Feedback Plugins for WordPress - Surveys by Feedback Cat Plugin

Surveys by Feedback is a free survey plugin that gives users direct access to user feedback. All incoming feedback is sent directly to the user’s inbox which means that their inbox has to be setup in a way that doesn’t automatically throw the feedback into their spam. The plugin is completely open source so users can download and modify the code as much as they want.

Learn more about the Feedback Cat plugin.

3. Jotform Feedback Button

Mopinion: Top 10 User Feedback Plugins for WordPress - JotForm

JotForm is the first web-based WYSIWYG form builder, which powers this feedback button plugin. It has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface which makes it very easy to create forms and customise them. Similar to Surveys by Feedback Cat, all feedback results are sent directly to the user’s email. This plugin is free up to 100 form submissions per month. Should the user go over that limit, they will need to upgrade to a Premium plan.

Learn more about the JotForm plugin.

4. WebEngage

Mopinion: Top 10 User Feedback Plugins for WordPress - WebEngage

This user feedback plugin lets users embed the Javascript integration code onto their pages without having to edit templates. Users can set up product feedback surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, lead generation surveys and much more. All feedback can either be emailed to the user or viewed in their WebEngage dashboard. There is also the option to add push notifications on the website that are targeted at specific audiences.

Learn more about the WebEngage plugin.

5. Usernoise Pro

Mopinion: Top 10 User Feedback Plugins for WordPress - Usernoise

Usernoise is a modal contact form and feedback form plugin, which offers a customisable feedback button for your website as well as a code for public discussions and voting. Users can also illustrate the feedback they submit with screenshots of pages. This plugin offers 4 feedback types that can be disabled or edited from the admin interface. Once you have received feedback in your inbox, you can answer feedback directly from your email software.

Learn more about the Usernoise plugin.

6. CaptainForm

Mopinion: Top 10 User Feedback Plugins for WordPress - CaptainForm

CaptainForm is a form builder plugin with an easy drag-and-drop interface. With this plugin users can build various types of forms including order forms, payment forms, applications forms, contact forms and of course, feedback forms. All forms are fully customisable and the form editor offers more than 25 field types. Users can set up the plugin so that multiple persons receive form submission notifications. Once data is collected, users can sort, filter, analyse data or export it to CSV, Excel or PDF.

Learn more about the CaptainForm plugin.

7. WPForms

Mopinion: Top 10 User Feedback Plugins for WordPress - WPForms

WPForms is a drag & drop form builder that enables its users to create forms, subscription forms, payment forms and more. It is 100% mobile responsive and optimised for speed. Because form fields are complete customisable, it can be used for user feedback purposes as well. It offers an impressive and long list of features including File Uploads, MailChimp forms, AWeber forms, Spam Protection, Campaign Monitor forms and much more.

Learn more about the WPForms plugin.

8. Form Maker by WD

Mopinion: Top 10 User Feedback Plugins for WordPress - Form Maker

Form Maker is recommended for WordPress beginners as well as advanced users. This user feedback plugin offers a clean, visual form editor toolbox with no programming skills required. It includes an unlimited number of forms, surveys & questionnaires, registrations, online applications and much more. The package includes several pre-installed template forms, which users can customise if they wish. Results can be viewed in exported CSV or XML files.

Learn more about the Form Maker plugin.

9. TrackDuck

Mopinion: Top 10 User Feedback Plugins for WordPress - TrackDuck

TrackDuck is a visual feedback plugin that helps users learn more about the usability of their website. Each issue is marked directly in the website and comes with a comment, screenshot of the area and metadata (such as browser or device). It can be used for feedback from both colleagues and clients. To collect feedback from all website visitors, users can select this option in the project setting dashboard.

Learn more about the TrackDuck plugin.

10. Qeryz WordPress Survey

Mopinion: Top 10 User Feedback Plugins for WordPress - Qeryz

Qeryz is a microsurvey plugin that allows users to put surveys on any or every page of their website. It offers various survey elements such as multiple choice, checkbox, scale and open text areas. You do, however, need to register for a Qeryz account on as well.

Learn more about the Qeryz plugin.

Choosing your User Feedback Plugin

The best way to learn more about how your customers experience your website is to ask them. All of these user feedback plugins make that possible, but how do you which one is best for your website?

You’ll need to take a few factors into consideration. Factors such as customisation capabilities, trigger options, analysis and reporting, and of course, the level of technical knowledge required to get your plugin up and running.

Know of some other user feedback plugins for WordPress? Let us know in the comments!


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