Our thoughts on Digital Customer Experience

How to Measure Customer Loyalty with Online Surveys

Mopinion: How to Measure Customer Loyalty with Online Surveys - Cover Image

According to Edelman, customers that continue to support your brand over time will spend 67% more than your new customers. A.K.A. your most loyal customers are the most critical to the success of your business. This really puts the pressure on for companies, which is why it’s important to continuously measure customer loyalty. Measuring loyalty […]

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Employee in the Spotlight: Anwar Jebali

Employee in the Spotlight: Anwar Jebali - Cover Image

Most startups are typified by small, closely-knit teams who often work shoulder-to-shoulder with company founders, sharing creative ideas and plans for betterment; a stereotype that Mopinion certainly lives up to. So who are our employees and how do they contribute to our company culture? In continuation of our Employee in the Spotlight series, I’d like […]

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Measuring in-app performance? Try these Mobile App Survey Questions

Mopinion: Measuring in-app performance? Try these Mobile App Survey Questions - Cover Image

The mobile app development process can be a demanding task, as it requires a lot of thought and understanding of what the customer needs. So what better way to explore what the customer needs than to ask them directly? Customer feedback makes that all too simple. So get started and try using these mobile app […]

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Meet Mopinion’s Interns: Past & Present


The Mopinion internship program offers students the opportunity to be responsible for supporting a key area of our Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and Product departments. Our interns gain valuable experience working in a fast-paced, motivated team that goes above and beyond to deliver a stand-out product for a rapidly evolving digital industry. So what’s it […]

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Top 20 Mobile Development Tools: An Overview

20 Mobile Development Tools

A growing amount of companies are starting to realise that by attuning to their customer’s needs, they can grasp more opportunities for their own gain. One of these opportunities is the demand for mobile access to information regarding your company, be it regular company details or entire webshops. According to Gartner, “by 2020, more than […]

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3 Examples of Website Content Questionnaires

Mopinion: 3 Examples of Website Content Questionnaires - Cover Image

A company’s website is often the first chance the company has to market its products and services to customers. So why wouldn’t you make it a priority to have the best website content out there? Well, now it’s possible with our easy-to-use website content questionnaires from the Mopinion Survey Marketplace! Learn more about website content […]

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Top 20 Best Usability Testing Tools: An Overview

Top 20 Usability Testing Tools

Usability is all about presenting information and choices in a clear and concise manner that will ultimately gain the trust of your customers. Unfortunately, poor usability is quite common among online businesses. So common in fact that nearly 70% of businesses fail because of it. That is why usability testing is so critical in this […]

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A Guide to Psychology Principles in UX Design

Mopinion: A Beginner’s Guide to Psychology Principles in UX Design - Cover Image

Have you ever wondered why your users don’t interact with your product the way you were expecting them to? It might be because you may not understand how to use different psychology principles to design your products to elicit specific responses and actions from your users. Your customers are driven by emotions when they are […]

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Mopinion heads to the Efteling for its annual SummerJam!

SummerJam Cover Image

This past weekend Mopinion celebrated its annual SummerJam, this time at the Efteling, a fairytale theme park in Kaatsheuvel, the Netherlands! It was a great day complete with sunny skies, roller coasters, and lots of laughter. A special thanks to our partner the Efteling for the warm welcome.   Here are some fun impressions we […]

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