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Designing Insightful Customer Feedback Forms with Mopinion

Designing Insightful Customer Feedback Forms With Mopinion

When it comes to creating a feedback survey or form, some people tend to create haphazard surveys, without really thinking about what they’re actually asking. Rushed, aimless customer feedback surveys can be detrimental to your feedback strategy, which should inform and influence your marketing, sales, design and even, product planning. Asking illogical questions, or designing […]

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Mopinion ranks in G2’s Enterprise Feedback Management Report for Winter 2022

Mopinion Users Love Us and High Performer Badges from G2

This just in – G2 has published its latest Enterprise Feedback Management Report for Winter 2022 and we’re proud of the results! Mopinion ranked as a ‘High Performer’ in the Mid-Market report as well as ‘Niche’ in both the Global and Europe Regional EFM reports!, Inc. is a peer-to-peer review site which is focused […]

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Behind the Feedback: Schedules & Templates for Exports

behind-the-fb-scheduled-exp (1)

Here at Mopinion we are once again reflecting on the recent release of not one, but two brand new and improved features, Schedules and Templates for exports. This release strives to save you time and effort, by automating the process of exporting feedback data. In this Behind the Feedback story, you will discover everything there […]

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Digital Customer Experience (CX) trends to look out for in 2022

Digitale Customer Experience trends CX 2022

One year later and we’re still in the thick of it. The pandemic has not only continued to accelerate the shift to digital customer experiences, but also pushed organisations to adopt and implement technologies in hopes of gaining a competitive edge. Customers today no longer base their loyalty on price or product. Instead, they are […]

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URSSAF fortifies online VoC program with Mopinion

Mopinion customer story with URSSAF

The French URSSAF and its network have a mission of general interest: managing the collection of contributions and fees intended to guarantee financing of the French social security model. The organisation serves the four branches of the general social security system: health, old age, family, and work-related accidents/occupational diseases. So what exactly do they do […]

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Schedules & Templates for Exports Are Live!

schedules and templates for exports

With a little help from you, our customers, (and your useful feedback) we are always able to identify any missed opportunities within our system and quickly get to work improving our user’s experience. So, without further ado… May we present to you some further improvements to our export feature: Schedules and Templates for exports! Say […]

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The Biggest CX Software Acquisitions in 2021

Handshake refers to customer experience software acquisitions

Investments are booming in CX. Not only are more organisations investing in CX software for their business operations, but there’s a whole web of investments going on in the CX software market itself. In fact, Allied Market Research just released some figures on how the CX software market is performing. According to the report, ‘the […]

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