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How user feedback will shape up your product experience

How user feedback will shape up your product experience - Cover

SaaS organisations have a lot of new challenges ahead. With product-led growth at the forefront of their initiatives, product managers within these organisations are scrambling to create and maintain a memorable and engaging product experience. But what does a good product experience look like and how can the users themselves help these teams beef it […]

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Feedback inbox reimagined: get insights faster than ever

feedback inbox

Our feedback inbox overview page is a popular place. Here you can quickly scan through incoming feedback to gauge your performance, spot trends, assign tags and labels, and more. Now streamlined and improved, you can gather relevant information more easily from this page. Save time by getting key information and data quicker than ever thanks […]

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Integrating feedback into your UX problem statements


UX Designers and UX Researchers have only one wish. And that is that their products are designed for solving the right problem for their users. Interestingly enough, many UX design teams start their research with little direction as to what problem they want to solve. And without effectively defining the problem, their design often misses […]

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