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Behind the Feedback: Advanced User Management

Nothing makes a product team’s day quite like seeing our users enjoy the latest features we’ve poured our hearts into. It’s like a sweet melody to our ears, and we’re over the moon when we know we’ve hit the right notes. That being said, we can’t take all the credit. We’ve got a not-so-secret secret […]

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Unlimited Dashboards: Tips & Tricks for Enhanced Analysis

At Mopinion, we understand the importance of making data accessible to everyone who needs it. That’s why we were beyond excited to announce the introduction of unlimited dashboards. This allows multiple users and teams within an organisation to create as many dashboards as they need to support their data analysis and decision-making. To ensure that […]

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A/B testing with Mopinion

Header image - A/B testing with Mopinion

CRO specialists and Growth Marketers put heavy emphasis on experimentation and A/B testing. A/B testing, or split testing, is a way to test two versions of content and compare their performance. The goal of an A/B test is often to see which version leads to more conversions and a higher CTR. Qualitative data often doesn’t […]

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Benchmark reveals that 80% of ecommerce organisations have an active digital CX policy, but just how successful are they?

Ecommerce Digital CX Results

According to Mopinion’s recently published Digital Customer Experience Benchmark report, the ecommerce industry is performing quite well in terms of overall Digital CX management efforts. Coming in second, only to the software industry. In fact, the ecommerce industry has measured itself as particularly strong in measuring digital CX with nearly 67% stating that they always […]

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