Behind the Feedback: Advanced User Management

Behind the Feedback: Advanced User Management

Nothing makes a product team’s day quite like seeing our users enjoy the latest features we’ve poured our hearts into. It’s like a sweet melody to our ears, and we’re over the moon when we know we’ve hit the right notes. That being said, we can’t take all the credit. We’ve got a not-so-secret secret to our success: our users. Yes, you. Your feedback and input is the driving force behind our product strategy. We caught up with our Head of Product, Jos van der Kooij and Senior Developer, Thomas Verwijst to find out how this solution came to life. Spoiler alert: user feedback plays a serious part. So, sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and join us as we explore the exciting new world of Access Groups and how it came to be.

Over the years, we’ve listened closely to the needs and wants of our users. We noticed that one recurring theme was the need for better control over user access within the platform. In response, we were delighted to announce the introduction of access groups to the Mopinion platform.

What are access groups?

Access groups allow you to control who has access to specific data within your organisation. We wanted to create an advanced user management system with a focus on flexibility for the multiple users and use cases we have within Mopinion. You can easily assign different access levels to different groups of people in your company, giving them the right amount of access they need to get their job done.

This feature is particularly helpful for large organisations with many departments and teams that need to access different types of data. By using access groups, you can ensure that sensitive information is only accessible to those who need it, while also maintaining an organized and streamlined system for data access. Ultimately, this feature helps keep your data secure and your workflow efficient. For more information on access groups check out our tips & tricks for effective user management.

For now, let’s catch up with our product and development team to find out more about how feedback played an integral part in the creation of this solution.


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What was the problem we were trying to solve with Access Groups?

Thomas: When we started Mopinion, we had a very different set of customers. They needed a very different type of access management. This took a lot of effort from the support team. At times, it could get complicated to get everything just right. So we needed a better solution: one that gave our customers the power to arrange access within the platform, as they needed, when they needed, and it should be easy to maintain as well.

Jos: When the number of users began to grow, so did the number of different needs within the platform. Some users were just checking feedback in the inbox, others simply wanted to create new forms, or analyse specific metrics. However, the platform didn’t facilitate specific access for them. Besides that; privacy and restricted access to (personal) data became more important than ever. Not everyone needed access to all data, so account owners needed to be able to close up certain sections of the platform as well.

Why did we decide to go with the solution?

Jos: In line with our core belief to have a customisable platform that caters for various use cases, we came up with access groups. That way, account owners/admins can manage access in the way they need it. Groups with all access, groups with just viewing rights or even groups with very limited access to specific sections of the platform.

Do you analyse or look at user behaviour when building something like this?

Jos: We don’t do that here. Kidding, customer feedback and data are always a part of our decision-making process.

‘Access Groups being one of the larger and more impactful releases of last year, we checked in with a variety of customers to check their needs and wishes. We came up with a solution that really gives our customers a robust user management system.’

What’s the best thing (in your opinion) about this feature for our users?

Thomas: I think one of the greatest things of Access Groups is the flexibility it gives our customers to manage access within the platform as they see fit.

How does access groups fit into the overall product vision?

Jos: As mentioned, we firmly believe in creating a platform that is flexible enough to cater to many different use cases. One of our goals is to further open up our platform for many different ways to work on and with feedback.

“Access Groups was a major step towards that goal of opening up our platform, with a new highly advanced and flexible user management system.”

Feedback led us here

Thanks to all of our wonderful users, feedback played a vital role in the development of access groups. Your input provided invaluable insights into the types of permissions and access levels that would best suit your teams. As a result, this feature has greatly improved your ability to collaborate and streamline your feedback management processes.

It’s also enabled us to continually improve our product roadmap, providing us with a deeper understanding of your needs and preferences. Overall, access groups have become an essential component of our feedback platform, and we’re thrilled to have been able to develop it with your needs in mind.

Get started with access groups

And there you have it! With access groups, you can guarantee that the right people in your organisation have access to the correct information. No more, or less, than what’s needed.

At Mopinion, our customer success team is always ready to assist you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a team member for help with getting started on access groups or refer to our knowledge base. Start using access groups today by clicking the button below.

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