New iOS SDK: New options, effortless integration


Calling all Apple iOS people! As mobile apps continue to dominate our digital landscape, the importance of mobile feedback cannot be overstated. Collecting feedback from your iPhone app users is crucial to understanding their needs and improving the user experience. With the right software in place, you can gain valuable insights into how users are interacting with your app, what they love, and what needs improvement.

That has become easier than ever with the release of our latest Native iOS Software Development Kit: use new features, like dynamic forms, and benefit from improved efficiency with a faster and leaner SDK.

What’s new?

The new Mopinion iOS SDK, fully built in Swift, provides a delightful user experience without adding bulk to your app. Create fully native feedback forms, without sending your app users to other apps or web pages. Catch feedback in the right moment, directly in your own app.


With this new native iOS SDK, you’ll notice a number of new features and additions that align with the user experience of the Mopinion platform. These include:


    • Dynamic forms: Previously, forms would take the entire mobile screen, causing a full overlay in your app. Now, when using our native SDK, you have the option of using slide-in forms and setting the percentage that the form needs to pop up to. This way you can ask feedback in a very intuitive way, not interfering with your app users’ experience.


  • Improved efficiency: This SDK was built with improved UI, so it’s faster, takes up less space and has an overall better performance.
  • Renewed callback: We improved the SDK’s functionality that tells you when a form is opened, closed or submitted.


Seamless integration, swift collection

Your mobile development team will also be very pleased with this new release! Our latest iOS SDK is here to make their life easier as well. With a leaner and meaner codebase, you can expect a smoother and faster experience. According to Kees Van Welsenis, our leading iOS developer for this project:

“We’ve made things even better with the latest Mopinion iOS SDK. Within our iOS SDKs we said goodbye to React Native and opted for a more for a native approach; less layers, less platforms, less dependencies. This means it’s easier to use, faster, and requires less memory and processing power.”

The newest version of the Mopinion iOS Swift SDK has made a significant upgrade by going for a native approach. Despite the benefits of React Native, it made the installation and run-time environment more complex.

This change brings several advantages, including a more seamless integration process, reduced memory and CPU usage, and significantly faster compilation times. Our new SDK is designed to be smaller and leaner, ensuring that your app size remains compact.

Not only that, but switching to our native iOS SDK is easier than ever. When developing the new SDK, one of the main goals was supporting a smooth and easy change to the new SDK. By keeping all function names intact, there is very little code change needed.

Install it now and see the difference for yourself.

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Also updated: the accompanying app ‘Mopinion Forms’

The latest version of our iOS app, ‘Mopinion Forms,’ brings you a host of new features and improvements. With this update, testing your feedback forms on your own mobile device has never been easier: try new in-app form features, check the look and feel of your forms, and test their behavior. Whether you’re a developer, designer, or (mobile) marketer, ‘Mopinion Forms’ gives you the possibility to test and optimize iOS feedback forms with ease. Customize your forms to match your brand’s aesthetics. With our updated app, you have the power to unlock the true potential of user feedback.

Download the app via the QR or this link

Mopinion iOS QR

Make the switch today!

We recommend making the switch to this new and improved version as soon as you can. Switch now to take advantage of our improved, native SDK.

Of course, we can imagine that making the switch takes time. That’s okay, you have until 31 December 2023 to implement the new SDK. After that we will say goodbye to the React Native iOS SDK for good. Please note: this means we won’t update or maintain that version in the future. We will provide (critical) bugfixes only.

See it for yourself. Install our new SDK now to effortlessly collect feedback on your iOS apps. All that’s left is for you to start making lasting improvements to your app and your own users’ experience.

Start with the new Native iOS SDK!

Start gathering powerful feedback from your native iOS apps with our slim, flexible and easy-to-implement SDK.

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