Leroy Merlin boosts conversion rates with Mopinion feedback

Leroy Merlin is the leading brand in the home improvement and DIY market in France. Though the brand has many physical stores, Leroy Merlin does not limit itself to traditional in-store sales but instead, it has also adopted an e-commerce approach which has been made possible thanks to its fast-growing website. The website guarantees a smooth and enjoyable online customer experience; an achievement made possible in part by collecting customer feedback with the Mopinion software since 2019.

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The Leroy Merlin website currently takes 4th place in the Top 15 most visited e-commerce sites in France – according to a study by Médiamétrie in September 2020.

This high traffic to the website – however – presents many new challenges for the brand, such as providing visitors with a simple, fluid and intuitive online experience. In fact, this is one of the biggest challenges for the French brand.

Customer satisfaction is built into Leroy Merlin’s DNA

It is imperative to listen to the Voice of Customer (VoC), which is done by collecting customer opinions at each key moment across the online customer journey. As a matter of fact, the implementation of Mopinion has made it possible for Leroy Merlin to respond to two important issues:

  • Measure customer satisfaction “on the spot” during the customer journey,
  • Collect and analyse customer feedback in real time to make operational decisions.

Before the implementation of the Mopinion tool, the Leroy Merlin E-commerce team used indicators to measure customer satisfaction and various means to collect and process customer feedback.

We found that these indicators were not necessarily suitable for (operationally) driving customer satisfaction on our website and that we could go further in collecting feedback online. For this reason, we decided to implement the Mopinion tool

Nicolas Haese, Customer Experience Manager at Leroy Merlin

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Source : Leroymerlin.fr

Feedback obtained through Mopinion measures the levels of satisfaction or dissatisfaction of online users.

“The metric that best meets our objectives is the CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) indicator. We use it in different places across the site.”

Our visitors have the possibility to enter his/her level of satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 5 and depending on his/her rating, questions will be generated while remaining relevant to the rating they’ve given

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Source : Leroymerlin.fr

The feedback responses collected will help identify customer frustrations, take action to improve the online user experience and therefore increase the conversion rate.

A significant impact on conversions

At each stage of the customer journey, it is possible to identify when the level of satisfaction is good or poor. This – in turn makes it possible to prioritise the subsequent actions taken at Leroy Merlin.

In October 2020, we collected 4000 customer feedback items following the deployment of online surveys on our site. We expected to collect around 6500 feedback in November. Clearly, we see that digital has played an important role in recent years

Considering the amount of feedback collected, it is imperative to properly analyse this data and take advantage of it. If – like Leroy Merlin – you want to create a smooth and harmonious online experience, we will be happy to assist you in the implementation of our online user feedback collection tool.

Ready to see Mopinion in action?

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