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Top 13 Best Tag Management Tools: an overview

As the competition for every digital dollar has increased over the years, the number of digital marketing technologies has exploded; technologies such as customer data management systems, cloud services, social media, inbound marketing platforms, and more. However, one way or another all of these technologies have to be effectively deployed to reduce costs and provide an optimal experience for visitors of websites and apps. That’s where Tag Management Tools come in.

Tag Management, despite how it may sound, is a very crucial and evolving technology in today’s market. Some of us even call it the ‘path to unified marketing’. Essentially what these tools do is enable marketers and developers to seamlessly manage and bring together various applications and data. Not convinced? Be sure to check out this interesting infographic on why you should be using tag management tools.

Tag management is the most boring name for the perhaps the single most impactful practice firms need to master to succeed at any digital engagement program that needs to scale — never mind its importance to the efficacy of digital marketing efforts.

James McCormick, Forrester Research

So how can you decide which Tag Management Tool is best for your business?

In this blog we will provide you with an overview of the various tag management tools out there. But before we get started, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a tag management tool, including:

  • Can it be integrated with other tools you use?
  • Do you want to use it for mobile as well as your website?
  • Do you have any particular privacy concerns?

Got your answers ready? Good, now it’s time to take a look at your options…

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1. Google Tag Manager

Mopinion: Top 13 Best Tag Management Tools - Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is one of the most widely used TMS solutions out there. With the setup taking only a couple of minutes, Google Tag Manager is a free tool that can be implemented without the support of your IT department or any assistance from Google. It also offers a convenient preview mode and multi-account support.


2. Adobe Dynamic Tag Management (DTM)

Mopinion: Top 13 Best Tag Management Tools - Adobe DTM

Another popular tag management tool is Adobe (DTM). Geared towards enterprises, this system has a user-friendly interface that can be integrated with Google Analytics. What is unique about Adobe DTM is that it is site focused rather than tag focused. This means the user can trigger various technologies at once instead of having to create a bunch of different rules. Already have Adobe Marketing Cloud? Then this software is free to use.


3. Tealium iQ

Mopinion: Top 13 Best Tag Management Tools - Tealium

Tealium iQ provides its users with over 1000 pre-built integrations and an easy-to-use Tag Marketplace. It also provides your marketing team with easy access to basic features without needing the support of the IT department. It is a good solution for enterprise-level companies with more complex requirements or multiple websites with high levels of incoming traffic.


4. Tag Commander

Mopinion: Top 13 Best Tag Management Tools - Tag Commander

A product of Commanders Act, Tag Commander is an enterprise-level tag management tool. It is easy-to-use as it does not require any technical knowledge. It is also popular for its instinctive tag building interface and easy mobile tagging. In terms of privacy compliance and because it is a French company that caters mainly to the European market, all data is stored exclusively on French servers.


5. Piwik PRO Tag Manager

Mopinion: Top 13 Best Tag Management Tools - Piwik PRO

Piwik PRO Tag Manager stands out from other tools by addressing data security needs with self-hosting. It supports both synchronous and asynchronous tags. Users can add Opt-Out and Do Not Track features in every container with one click. This helps to make every tag privacy-compliant, even in case of 3rd-party ones. It has a customisable user interface and a wide range of built-in triggers and plugins. What’s also advantageous about this TMS is that it is integrated with Piwik PRO analytics, giving the user full control of online data.


6. Qubit OpenTag

Mopinion: Top 13 Best Tag Management Tools - Qubit

OpenTag was launched in 2011 by a team of four former Google operatives. It is a TMS made for marketers, but can be customised by developers. User management is very flexible with this tool. It can be integrated with Qubit’s AB testing platform. It also includes a library of over 600 tags.


7. Signal

Mopinion: Top 13 Best Tag Management Tools - Signal

Signal is an enterprise-class TMS that is very focused on advertising tags. Users who already work with Signal Fuse can access the TMS for free.The tool allows you to preview, active and deactivate on your on time. However, for certain operations, it can require a little bit of experience/knowledge of Javascript.


8. Ensighten

Mopinion: Top 13 Best Tag Management Tools - Ensighten

Ensighten is another enterprise-focused TMS. With this tool, users can manage all vendor tags and data via one interface with over 1,000 turnkey vendor integrations. In addition to collecting omnichannel, first party data, Ensighten is also capable of tracking mobile app engagement.


9. Openx

Top 13 Best Tag Management Tools: an overview - OpenX

Openx offers three different products: The Audience Control Module, The Viewer Optimization Module (VOM) and Instant Scan.Through the Audience Control Module you can easily modify tags to ensure that the privacy of your visitors is fully guaranteed and no data is shared with outside partners without your approval.The VOM ensures the effective rendering and improved testing of online ads. Instant Scan allows you to visualise relationships between data objects and the function and source of each of these items.


10. SuperTag by Datalicious

Mopinion: Top 13 Best Tag Management Tools - SuperTag

SuperTag is used to manage analytics, carry out A/B testing, for content tagging, tracking conversions and live chat. With a drag and drop interface, it’s very easy to use and does not require support from IT. This is a good tool for those of you with a small budget as it is free for up to three users.


11. Tag Defender by HubScan

Mopinion: Top 13 Best Tag Management Tools - HubScan

Tag Defender, a product of HubScan, is actually an integration for your existing tag management tool. Essentially what it does is once connected, adjusts your tags’ definition, variables and triggers. It also watches over the data layer on your site and replaces missing/defect data layer entries.


12. Tag Hierarchy by Observepoint

Top 13 Best Tag Management Tools: an overview - Observepoint

With Observepoint’s Tag Hierarchy users are able to visualise how the tags on each page of your website are firing so that you can better manage the architecture of your implementation. Tag Hierarchy provides real-time scans that show users the relationship of the analytics and marketing technologies. Users can quickly see where analytics requests are referenced and how they are registering, locate duplicate or missing tags, and identify unauthorised technologies that are being loaded outside of your tag management system.


13. IBM Digital Data Exchange (DDX)

Mopinion: Top 13 Best Tag Management Tools - IBM

Using its intuitive user interface, IBM’s DDX enterprise-grade TMS shows you which IBM and third-party tags should be implemented on which pages and site zones. Additionally, the tool offers user-defined tag deployment and scheduling, versioning and rollback capabilities. Users can also check if they are executing tags correctly using the tag bar solution.


Good luck!

We hope this overview provides you with some inspiration in finding a suitable Tag Management Tool. And don’t forget! Mopinion’s tag for online user feedback forms runs flawlessly in any of these tools.

Please feel free to add any suggestions or comments below!

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