Our thoughts on Digital Customer Experience

The State of Customer Experience (CX): What’s happening now?

Mopinion: The State of Customer Experience (CX): What’s happening now? - Cover

Providing a good Customer Experience (CX) is on just about every organisation’s agenda these days. But where exactly is it headed? We can’t say for sure. What we can tell you though, is that this CX’s ecosystem of solutions is tethering between both expansion and consolidation. New niche solutions are sprouting up everywhere you look, […]

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Top 15 Heatmapping Tools You Might Want to Try

Heatmapping Tools

Are you a visual person? Looking for some deeper insights into what your visitors are doing on your website? Want to boost your conversions, but not sure where to start? A heatmapping tool might just be your answer! Heatmapping tools are great for tracking user behaviour patterns on specific pages of your website and are […]

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Employee in the Spotlight: Thiara Beijl

Cover Image

It’s time for our June Employee in the Spotlight! The Employee Spotlight series is Mopinion’s special way of giving you an inside look at the people behind our brand. Last time we highlighted a member of our Sales team, Fanny. This month we’re switching gears as we put our Financial Analyst in the spotlight, Thiara. […]

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What is the new Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulation?


Up to speed on the new SCA regulation coming this fall? If not, you may want to pay close attention. Following the introduction of the GDPR, which had a huge impact on the handling of personal data last year, Europe is gearing up for another major shake up – this time in the payment sectors. […]

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31 Website Feedback Tools: An overview and comparison

Mopinion Overview Website Feedback Tools

There is a deluge of website feedback tools. Because of the diversity of feedback applications, you quickly loose the overview and it is not always clear where exactly the difference lies. What can be accomplished with which tool? I recently saw an overview of the “digital marketing landscape”. There were so many software tools listed […]

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Introducing our new feedback form translation feature

Mopinion: Introducing our new feedback form translation feature - Cover Image

It’s finally here! The feature you’ve all been waiting for… Mopinion’s new feedback form translation feature! In response to the high demand among our customers, we’ve just launched a new feature in our form configuration section, which allows users to add multiple translations to the same feedback form. Gone are the days when you had […]

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Why The Customer Experience Should Be Your Main Focus This Year

Mopinion: Why The Customer Experience Should Be Your Main Focus This Year - Cover

If you’ve ever worked in the service industry I’m sure the chant “the customer is always right” still rings in your head. Customer service and the customer journey are not new concepts. However, the medium that customer service is carried out through today is new. With the eruption and growth of the internet over the […]

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