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Top 10 Data Management Platforms in 2021: An overview

Did you know that virtually everything your customers do on your website or mobile app produces data? This data can not only be leveraged to create marketing strategies and boost conversions but also increase your bottom line! All that is needed is an efficient way of both storing and employing the data. This is where Data Management Platforms (or DMPs) come in handy.

Post updated: April 2021

Data Management Platforms, or DMPs, are essentially platforms which house important digital data, such as customer data (e.g cookie IDs, mobile identifiers) and campaign data. These types of tools also help digital roles (e.g. marketers and advertisers) build customer segments and their performance. These segments are built up based on demographic data, past browsing behaviour, location, device and more.

Benefits of DMPs

  • Unifies data and breaks down silos. Brings all your data together on one single platform, giving you and your team a more cohesive view of customers.
  • Helps identify new audiences and customers. Ever heard of audience extension or lookalike modeling techniques? These are great features offered in some DMPs that let you discover and target new customer groups.
  • Provides continuous results. These are not one-off reporting solutions, but rather platforms that enable long-term strategies by way of constant and continuous reporting.

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Here is our overview of the top 10 Data Management Platforms (DMPs).

1. Salesforce DMP

Mopinion: Top 10 Data Management Platforms: An overview - Salesforce DMP

We’re all familiar with good old Salesforce – as a CRM software. But did you know they have their very own data management platform as well? That’s right. Salesforce DMP (part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud) is great for those marketers looking to capture, unify and action data across multiple touchpoints. This particular product from Salesforce makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning and provides users with complete customer data profiles, multi-channel engagement and helps engage with existing customers (as well as find new prospects).


2. Cloudera

Mopinion: Top 10 Data Management Platforms: An overview - Cloudera

Cloudera offers an enterprise data cloud for any data, from the Edge to AI. One of the most complete Data Management Platforms of today, Cloudera maintains a high level of scalability, performance, data integrity and quality. This software includes a variety of cool features including alert management, cluster managemetn, mointoring and diagnostics, client configuration management and more.


3. Lotame

Lotame data management platform

Lotame is an industry-leading data management platform that gives users information from sources such as email, social websites, mobile apps, CRM tools, campaign data, blogs and more. In addition to the standard features, users also have access to a manual and fully automated suite of optimisation tools. Intended for marketers, publishers and digital agencies, Lotame is great for increasing engagement and unifying your data. This tool does however lack live reporting (of audience) and sometimes experiences slow loading at times


4. SAS Data Management

SAS data management platform

The SAS Data Management Suite, part of SAS (largest independent vendor in the data management marketplace), is great for collecting data from legacy systems and Hadoop (open-source framework for storing data and running applications on clusters of commodity hardware). This high-level software enables users to update data, alter processes and do their own analysis of results. Be aware, however, that this solution can be quite expensive for smaller businesses.



Mopinion: Top 10 Data Management Platforms: An overview - OnAudience is a popular data management platform among advertisers as it enables users to build any audience segment based on attributes such as gender, age, online behaviour interests, etc, that are crucial to online advertising activities. This product is also constantly growing and offers great support implementation. It’s also really helpful in providing users with the means to find new customers with access to nearly 12 billion profiles (as advertised on their website).


6. Snowflake

Mopinion: Top 10 Data Management Platforms: An overview - Snowflake

This data managent platform is particularly unique in that it offers data management as a service and runs at a high speed. For example, users can make use of its patented architecture to speed up the analysis process. The platform uses a multi-cloud strategy, which includes a cross-cloud approach. Snowflake has built-in performance too which means there’s no infrastructure to manage, making it very easy to use!


7. Mapp

Mapp data management

The Mapp Data Management Platform, part of Mapp Acquire, is a product of Mapp Digital. This particular DMP is great for monitoring the performance of campaigns in real-time, optimising data distribution to marketing platforms and of course, connecting with customers. The only setback with this tool is that Mapp Digital does not offer multi-user capability, so if you’re looking for a team-friendly tool, you may want to look further.


8. Nielsen

Nielsen data management platform

The Nielsen Data Management Platform (or Nielsen DMP), part of Nielsen’s global measurement and data analytics software, is a great software for managing, customising, activating and analysing audience data. The software allows users to choose from over 60,000 audience segments, delivers personalised advertising and content across all paid & owned marketing execution channels, and it lets users conduct journey analytics.



Adex data management platform

The ADEX is a great startup DMP that’s easy to use and offers a lot of customer support. Although it’s the first official German DMP, this organisation works with lots of international clients across the globe and offer a long list of integrations with third party tools. Keep in mind, however, that the ADEX software is not a full stack solution like many other DMPs out there. But don’t rule it out completely – this does have it’s benefits as it means you will have 100% control over how your data gets used.


10. Relay42

Mopinion: Top 10 Data Management Platforms: An overview - Relay42

Relay42 is a Data Management Platform that includes integrated Artificial Intelligence and Orchestration. Users can unify first, second and third party data, allowing them to engage with existing clients and find new prospects. Additionally, Relay42 has customer data protection (CDP) capabilities which ‘ensure brand ownership of storage and usage’. Identity management is also a nice feature included in the Relay42 package.


Time to choose your data management platform

It’s probably safe to say the online customer journey is becoming increasingly more personal. And as companies continue to better understand the omnichannel imperative, connecting every touchpoint throughout the journey becomes critical.

When it comes to consolidating this data being collected from a multitude of touchpoints, Data Management Platforms (DMPs) are an ideal solution as they help to create a single customer view. These solutions enable you to really “cosy up to the customer” and provide more personalised services. But what if you could take it one step further and combine this customer data with online feedback?

Combine your DMP data with user feedback data

Coupling customer data with online feedback data can yield some very interesting results. Customer data (specifically segmentation data) often includes demographic information, geographic data, behavioral data, psychographic data and more. This type of data not only gives you a deeper look into the pool of customers you’re collecting data from but also helps you understand how truly different these segments are (customer segments) and how their behavior varies (customer feedback). As a result, you can personalise the journey for your customers.

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