Our thoughts on Digital Customer Experience

How to increase feedback response rates

Mopinion: How to Increase Feedback Response Rates and Get More Relevant Feedback - Cover Image

A Feedback button on your website is a great way to start gathering insights into WHY your visitors do what they do on your site. Using their feedback you can make improvements to the User Interface (UI), fix bugs and ultimately improve conversion rates. That said, maybe your online feedback response rates are a little […]

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Optimising the online customer journey: for eCommerce websites

Mopinion: Optimising the online customer journey: for eCommerce websites - Cover Image

It’s quite evident that the online buying process is no longer a linear one. Consumers are entering eCommerce websites from a myriad of different devices and online channels. And in the midst of all this chaos, your business needs to find a way to reel these consumers in as well as nurture them once they’ve […]

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Be a Better Leader By Improving The Customer Experience

Mopinion: Be a Better Leader by Improving the Customer Experience - Cover Image

The way businesses approach customer experience (CX) is shifting, along with driving a fundamental change in company culture. Leaders who are invested in improving customer experience have discovered that if they first focus on shaping company culture from the inside, everyone from the customers to the stakeholders benefit. Top Down Shift The most successful brands […]

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Top 10 Website Annotation Tools

Mopinion: Top 10 Website Annotation Tools - Cover Image

When working on websites and designing them with your team, there can be so much back and forth in emails and messages. It’s awfully difficult to keep up with long email chains that stretch out all over your inbox. Lots of team members means lots of email threads to keep up with. What to do? […]

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Mopinion officially launches Partner Programme

Mopinion: Mopinion officially launches Partner Programme - Cover

Interested in collaborating with a software partner that puts the online Voice of the Customer at the heart of every organisation? Well now you can. Mopinion has just launched its very own Mopinion Partner Programme and is now inviting partners to join. We are seeking digital strategy, web development and (online) research agencies that are […]

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How real-time feedback alerts can help effectively manage your webshop

How real-time alerts can help effectively manage your webshop

If someone told you they had some very powerful information that might make or break your webshop, would you want to hear it right away or just wait until tomorrow? Most of us would want that information on our desk in a heartbeat, which is why many businesses nowadays are using real-time feedback alerts (also […]

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