Our thoughts on Digital Customer Experience

Why you should be combining customer profiles with user feedback

Mopinion: Why you should be combining customer profiles with user feedback - Cover image

As shown in a research carried out by Capital One, only 9 percent of travelers will book a trip based on brand loyalty. Tough crowd, right? Absolutely, and the truth is, we’re all susceptible to it. In this industry, people are more inclined to just go with the cheapest option. This is why travel organisations […]

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Why it’s worth listening to the Voice of the Customer

Mopinion: Why it's worth listening to the Voice of the Customer - cover

Having an online customer feedback tool in place is one thing. But putting it to good use and actually listening to your customers? That’s another. Unfortunately there are many instances in which online customer feedback “falls on deaf ears”. Just a mere 46% of consumers feel that their feedback is being used in a constructive […]

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What can your industry expect in terms of online feedback volumes?

Mopinion: How much feedback do your customers share - Cover

Got your digital customer feedback programme up and running but not sure what to expect in terms of feedback volumes? You’re not alone – many businesses are in the same boat. Why is this difficult to gauge? The truth is, no one industry is the same. The interactions between a visitor and a website often […]

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5 ways online customer feedback can optimise your webshop

Mopinion: 5 Ways Online Customer Feedback can make your webshop more successful - Cover image

You are an online marketer or eCommerce manager of a successful webshop and you’ve got all the necessary tools up and running. You’ve got your ads and retargeting efforts that provide you with leads. Then there’s A/B testing which provides insight into what is and isn’t converting your visitors. Meanwhile your web analytics and heatmaps […]

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Collecting Goal Completion Rates and Customer Effort Scores in online ordering funnels

Mopinion: The power of GCR and CES in online ordering funnels - Cover image

Every ecommerce manager would agree that selling products and services online without monitoring customer experience metrics is the same as driving with your eyes closed. These are metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Goal Completion Rate (GCR) and Customer Effort Score (CES), all of which are heavily relied upon to determine both the success […]

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Mopinion will showcase leading online feedback analytics platform at Marketing Week Live event

Mopinion: Mopinion will showcase new software features at Marketing Week Live event - London

One of the fastest growing companies in the digital customer experience space, Mopinion believes online customer feedback is a crucial ingredient to the success of digital-first companies. Towards the end of 2016, Mopinion added new features to its feedback analytics platform that allow for self-service data discovery so you can create your own customer feedback […]

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Customer Success Story – Schoonenberg: Hearing specialist focused on the Voice of the Customer

Mopinion: Schoonenberg Testimonial - Cover

Established in 1926, Schoonenberg Hoorcomfort is one of the oldest companies in the hearing aid industry. Today, it is part of Sonova, which is present in 90 different countries across the world. The top hearing specialist in the Netherlands, hundreds of thousands of hearing-impaired people have put their trust in Schoonenberg to help them find […]

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