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Create the Ideal Online Marketplace with User Feedback

Mopinion: Marketplace cover image

Online marketplaces are becoming increasingly popular as more and more online shoppers find their way through these handy e-commerce platforms. In fact it’s hard to remember what online shopping was like before these online sales giants entered the market. But when it comes to digital marketing, the challenges for keeping online marketplaces competitive are quite […]

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5 Ecommerce Challenges to Overcome in the Research Phase

Cover Image Ecommerce

Curious how your ecommerce business can leverage online feedback to maintain an attractive and high-performance website throughout the entire customer journey? From collecting feedback at various touchpoints to performing feedback analysis, there are plenty of ways to optimise your website so that it is perfectly ready for today’s well-informed customers. It’s time to eliminate all […]

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Luxury Escapes leverages customer feedback to define its digital strategy

Luxury Escapes Customer Story

Luxury Escapes is an Australian organisation specialised in luxury travel. More specifically, it is well-known for its hand-picked deals and flexible bookings. Their holiday offerings vary anywhere from day trips to small group tours and all-inclusive holidays – all of which can be booked on their website. So what role does feedback play in their […]

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Mopinion announces winner for its Holiday Charity Campaign

Holiday Charity Campaign

This year has been an undeniably challenging one for many of us, which is why we wanted to end things on a positive note. In order to spread some holiday cheer this season, Mopinion decided to host a Holiday Charity Campaign. We asked all of our customers to vote on which charity fund they would […]

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Product Update: including a brand new onboarding process

New Product Update featuring Mopinion's new onboarding process

It’s time for another product update! This month we’ve got a lot of new features and updates for you including an all new onboarding process for our Raspberry users, new feedback form previews, an updated knowledge base, several SDK enhancements and more! Check out our latest Product Updates: Brand new onboarding process for users New […]

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Top 10 Hottest Mopinion Blogs of 2020

Hottest Mopinion blogs of 2020

The year 2020 is drawing to a close and as tradition goes, we’d like to take a moment and reflect on this past year’s most popular blog posts. In well over 100 blog posts, we’ve covered everything from the launch of our brand new user interface (Mopinion Raspberry) and a variety of SaaS-related articles to […]

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atrify measures all-round customer satisfaction with customer feedback

Atrify Customer Story

atrify, a creative software solution provider headquartered in Cologne, Germany has developed a cloud-based platform for product content. With this platform atrify supports over 20k companies in more than 50 countries. It is used to share accurate and reliable content with their partners and consumers. With Mopinion’s solution, the atrify team can understand how their […]

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‘How to take a Strategic Approach to Experimentation’ with

360 Digital Podcast Episode 2 Mopinion

Welcome back to 360 Digital! Last month we launched Mopinion’s brand new podcast series 360 Digital. In our very first episode, we talked qualitative and quantitative data with UX Expert Laura Klein. However, this month we’re switching gears and zooming in on a topic that will be especially interesting for those of you interested in […]

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