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Quantitative vs Qualitative Online Customer Feedback

Mopinion: Quantitative vs Qualitative Online Customer Feedback - Cover

When we talk about quantitative and qualitative feedback on digital channels, we’re talking about the difference between objective and subjective data. This quantitative data tends to be more concrete and precise (e.g. traffic, number of clicks, behaviour). It therefore involves numerical results. Alternatively, the qualitative data is more descriptive and explanatory (e.g. open comments, suggestions, […]

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Blog Round-Up: Online Feedback Articles of 2016

Mopinion: Blogs we Love - Cover image

We’ve gathered some interesting articles from various online marketing portals and communities about customer feedback. These experts give their advice and opinions on various topics surrounding online feedback and we want to share it with you! 1. To drive value to your customers faster you need to re-shape your digital business Image: Red Badger This […]

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What is the online Voice of the Customer?

Mopinion: What is the online Voice of the Customer - Cover Image

How do your customers feel about your business? Are they satisfied with the digital experience you provide? Which hurdles are they running into? What is their general sentiment with regards to your product offering? These are the questions businesses ask themselves on a daily basis. Unfortunately, making assumptions isn’t going to bring an organisation success […]

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Digital Customer Experience Trends for 2017

Mopinion: Digital Customer Experience Trends for 2017 - Cover Image

According to Forrester, 72% of businesses say that improving Digital Customer Experience is their top priority. So where do we see it headed and what does that mean for these ambitious (and rightly so) companies? For starters, the relationship between businesses and their customers is undergoing a massive transformation. Business are now taking on a […]

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What are user feedback tools?

Mopinion: What are user feedback tools? - Laptop

A user feedback tool is a tool that is used on your website or mobile app to discover how users experience your online service. You are probably wondering now: “Yes, but a quantitative analytics tool (such as web statistics) supplies you with the exact same information?” This is not entirely true, because a user feedback […]

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