Our thoughts on Digital Customer Experience

5 tips that will make you rethink your current online feedback strategy

Mopinion: 5 tips that will make you rethink your current online feedback strategy

Are you serious about listening to your online customers or is your website feedback tool just a vanity project? A lot of feedback tools out there make it easy to collect user feedback on your website or mobile app, but do they really help make your digital channels more customer centric? The majority of these […]

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What is an online feedback form?

Feedback form

An online feedback form is a dynamic tool which is used to capture customer feedback on websites and apps. Feedback forms can be triggered on your website in various ways with the goal of attaining specific feedback from your customers and determining whether or not they have reached their online goals, e.g. ordering a product […]

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Mopinion expands its sales and marketing team with seven new recruits

Mopinion expands its sales and marketing team

Mopinion is proud to announce the expansion of its sales and marketing team, with seven new employees having joined the company over the past two months. Udesh Jadnanansing, Co-Founder/ Chief of Revenue at Mopinion commented With the substantial growth and investment in Mopinion this year we are delighted to announce our new team members. Having […]

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“Humanising marketing” with Data Management Platforms

Mopinion: Humanising marketing - with Data Management Platforms

Data management platforms, or DMPs (which is ‘agnostic’ and plugs and plays with any system) allow marketers to personalise at scale, with the flexibility they need: they can orchestrate messages in real-time across any platform, from a cutting edge smartwatch to an ancient CRM system. We’re humanising marketing again, basically, in a digital age where […]

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Reduce your online churn using text analytics

Mopinion: Reduce your churn using text analytics

It is likely that most of you reading this already have an online customer experience program in place, with feedback collection tools quantitatively monitoring your website and apps. In other words, you’ve got all the essential structured data you need to tend to your customers’ needs and make the appropriate adjustments to your online sales […]

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Take a tour: Mopinion releases demo clip on customer feedback software

Mopinion: demo clip on customer feedback software

Want to take a quick tour of the core features our customer feedback software has to offer? Mopinion’s newly released demo clip highlights a number of features available by giving you a guided tour of our software. During this demo you will see how to: Build your own feedback forms Import your pre-existing feedback data […]

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Missed our webinar on building your own feedback forms and dashboards?

Mopinion Webinar

Don’t worry! For those of you who have missed it, we’ve got you covered. In this webinar, we have outlined ways in which you can build your own feedback forms and dashboards so you can become a feedback pro! You can now watch the webinar below at your own convenience. More on feedback and collecting […]

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Mopinion proud to participate in keynote at E-academy Talent Circle: Conversion Optimisation

Mopinion proud to participate in keynote at E-academy Talent Circle

I think we can all agree on one thing. All of us want to capitalise on those potential customers taking a peek at our website for the first time. But what happens when one of those customers drops off with no explanation? Diagnosing this behavior and “closing the loop” is crucial to the success of […]

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Mopinion launches new online feedback reporting platform as part of market expansion

Mopinion launches new

Mopinion is pleased to announce the launch of the new version of its customer feedback reporting software for websites and apps. The new platform now offers tools for self-service data discovery and users are able to build their own feedback forms in a flash. As a digital marketer you can use Mopinion software to build […]

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Mopinion announces Gold Sponsorship of Digital Analytics event

digital analytics software

Online feedback reporting specialist Mopinion is to showcase how its feedback analysis solutions can help businesses to monitor and tailor their digital customer experience strategies. Mopinion proudly announces they are a Gold Sponsor of the Digital Analytics Congress 2016 which is being held October 12th in Utrecht – the Netherlands. Digital Analytics is a rapidly […]

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