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Top 25 Best Video Conferencing Software for Remote Workers

Mopinion: Top 10 Best Video Conferencing Software for Remote Workers - Cover

Having been thrust into a remote working environment, members of the global workforce have quickly learned to rely on video conferencing software. In fact, from the outset of the pandemic, video conferencing software downloads were surging, with enterprise-focused mobile app downloads hitting 62 million. This was reported by App Annie during the week of March […]

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15 Vital Email Marketing Best Practices for 2020

Mopinion: 15 Vital Email Marketing Best Practices for 2020 - Cover

If you want to engage with your prospects successfully, you need to launch a multi-pronged marketing effort. That being said, the importance of optimising your email marketing strategy can’t be overstated. Despite the growing presence of social media platforms, consumers continue to rely on email — and therein lies the power of your email marketing […]

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How has Spokeo’s VoC program progressed since using Mopinion?


Last year, we asked Spokeo – an online people intelligence service – to share their experience with implementing a new and improved Voice of Customer (VoC) program. Customer Experience Manager Brady Gillerlain took the reins and walked us through their decision making process as well as initial plans for using Mopinion’s all-in-one feedback analytics software […]

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The Top 11 Best Team Chat Tools for Remote Work

Mopinion: Best Team Chat Tools for Working From Home - Cover

As a result of the current crisis, the last few months have brought major change to the way many companies operate. Most – if not all – employees were urged to work at home full time, which completely threw a wrench into their routines and communications, especially with other team members. Meanwhile many companies fared […]

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The Rise of SaaS Solutions in an increasingly Remote Workforce

Mopinion: The Rise of SaaS Solutions in an increasingly Remote Workforce - Cover

It’s 2020 and the world has completely turned on its head. Businesses have found themselves scrambling to adapt to the new regulations, searching for creative ways to maintain the same levels of efficiency with a remote workforce. This movement is so large scale, in fact, that Time magazine is calling it, ‘the world’s largest work […]

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June Product Update: Raspberry improvements, new integrations and more

Mopinion: May Product Update - Cover

It’s time for another product update and we’ve got plenty to share with you this month! Despite the current crisis, our team has continuously worked hard to make valuable improvements to our platform. To kick off the month, we have various Mopinion Raspberry improvements, several cool new features and platform updates such as compliance with […]

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Mopinion integrates with collaboration app Basecamp

Mopinion: Mopinion integrates with collaboration app Basecamp - Cover

That’s right! Mopinion has also joined forces with popular collaboration app, Basecamp. This new webhook integration enables teams to achieve next-level digital feedback management through improved productivity in project management. Now you can push feedback items directly to your Basecamp Projects and To-Do lists. Is your Basecamp environment broken down into teams? Then you can […]

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Mopinion integrates with Atlassian’s issue tracking tool JIRA

Mopinion: Mopinion integrates with Atlassian’s issue tracking tool JIRA - Cover

Mopinion has teamed up with widely used issue tracking tool JIRA. This new integration combines digital customer insights with issue tracking and (agile) project management, making it easier for web and development teams to manage and resolve website and software issues. Although it was previously possible to connect to JIRA via Mopinion’s email alert system, […]

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Revamped website emphasizes Mopinion’s product offering for digital channels


Exciting news! As we continue to position our company and build up a stronger product and services offering, Mopinion has revamped its website, introducing several new pages. These pages now better reflect the Mopinion strategy by emphasizing our product offering for the following digital channels: website, mobile and email. We have also implemented a new […]

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