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What comes first: Quantitative or qualitative data analysis?

qualitative-versus quantitative marketing analyses

What came first, the chicken or the egg? This debate has been going on for hundreds of years, and scientific results are still somewhat inconclusive. For us in marketing, there are other heated debates. For example, what data is more important when trying to increase conversion rates and improve customer experience? Or what data comes […]

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How to Close the Customer Feedback Loop

Customer feedback loop cover image

Collecting and analysing customer feedback is one thing, but bringing it to a profitable conclusion by taking action is what makes the whole feedback process worthwhile. We refer to this last step as closing the customer feedback loop. This is a key concept in managing the online customer experience, which is why it’s important that […]

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Employee in the Spotlight: Thomas Verwijst

employee in the spotlight- thomas verwijst

Meet Thomas. Thomas is one of our Senior Developers here at Mopinion who just recently rejoined the team. We say ‘rejoined’ because Thomas is – despite his ‘new guy’ status – actually one of the ‘Mopinion OGs’. In fact, nearly eleven years ago, he was working with the team to get Mopinion off the ground, […]

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Your Guide to Customer Experience Feedback

Your Guide to Customer Experience Feedback

You’re only as good as your customer experience – and only a superior customer experience is what will convince your customers to return time and time again. So what’s stopping organisations from providing a top-notch customer experience for their customers? The answer is a lack of insights; insights into what customers are doing, how they […]

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Are you getting the most out of your customer feedback analytics?

Customer feedback analytics

Despite popular belief, collecting customer feedback alone isn’t necessarily a sustainable or even actionable process. Sure it will provide a quick glimpse into what online customers are thinking, but it will not give organisations the insights they need to truly optimise their online experience. If they want to be successful in doing this, they’ll need […]

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Employee in the Spotlight: Lovis Shimo

employee in the spotlight - lovis shima

Welcome back, and get ready to meet lots of new Mopinion-ers in our Employee in the Spotlight. In this blog series, we introduce you to the faces behind the Mopinion software, the people who make up our company culture and the people who are serving you everyday with the goal of helping you improve the […]

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State of Feedback: The US Ecommerce Market

State of Feedback in US ecommerce

Fun fact. American consumers will pay 17% more to purchase from a company with a reputation of delivering a great customer experience. In fact, this trend has made quite an impact on US ecommerce companies in recent years as it has led organisations to adopt feedback strategies in hopes of achieving this status. With feedback […]

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Mopinion Introduces Callback Events to Mobile SDKs

mobile SDK

New to our Mobile SDKs, we at Mopinion are delighted to introduce a feature that puts more power in the hands of our customer’s: Callback Events! This update will allow the more technically-savvy Mopinion users to tie into events from our mobile SDKs and connect them to other tools. With this new feature, you and […]

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To Experiment or Not To Experiment? The ROI of CRO

360 Digital podcast - Episode #8

Welcome back to 360 Digital. We’re excited to announce that we’ve just released a brand new episode, touching – once again – on one of our favorite topics: CRO and experimentation! Having previously talked about how to Humanize your CRO Efforts with Soft Data and How to Take a Strategic Approach to Experimentation on earlier […]

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