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Behind the Feedback: Schedules & Templates for Exports

behind-the-fb-scheduled-exp (1)

Here at Mopinion we are once again reflecting on the recent release of not one, but two brand new and improved features, Schedules and Templates for exports. This release strives to save you time and effort, by automating the process of exporting feedback data. In this Behind the Feedback story, you will discover everything there […]

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Behind The Feedback: Notifications


Recently, Mopinion launched another exciting feature that we know our users will love. Say hello to Notifications! This addition has been on our radar for a while, and we know it will benefit our users massively, allowing them to gain insights into exactly how Mopinion is being used across their organisation. In this Behind the […]

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Behind the Feedback: Enhanced Exports


Mopinion is gearing up for the release of an improved feature called ‘Enhanced Exports’; a release which will strive to both simplify and speed up the process of exporting feedback data to Excel for our users. In this Behind the Feedback story, you will discover everything there is to know about this handy feature and […]

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Behind the Feedback: Multiple Data Sources in One Chart


Mopinion recently introduced a new feature within the Mopinion platform which enables users to compare multiple data sources – for example from different feedback surveys – in one chart. In this Behind the Feedback story Product Manager Jos van der Kooij shares how Mopinion leveraged qualitative insights from its users and extensive market research to […]

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Automate your customer feedback like homeQgo (Part II)

homeqgo2 copy

Sustainability is a hot topic nowadays. Consumers and organisations alike are making more of an effort to become more sustainable, and that even includes making their homes more sustainable. And that’s good news for companies like homeQgo. In a previous customer story with homeQgo we shared a bit about homeQgo’s perspective on the booming market, […]

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Why real-time feedback is a powerful tool for web developers

Real-time user feedback for web developers

Web developers are a busy bunch. When they’re not debugging pages or writing code, they’re designing new pages and finding new ways to boost page speed. And with this wide range of responsibility, comes an overwhelming urge to fix everything at once. But what if you could identify all of the major issues happening on […]

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Achieving Product-Led Growth With User Feedback

product led growth & feedback

In today’s climate, we see a lot of companies making the switch to a product-led growth strategy. With customer acquisition costs being where they are, and the market constantly brimming with competition, (not to mention decreasing willingness to pay for your product), it’s never been harder for businesses to stand out and grow. And when […]

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